Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Crazy Quilt block

It is cold and rainy outside and most of my flowers are gone. But inside this orchid brings some cheer. Grandma received it as a gift and it bloomed for months for her. Now that she is in a retirement place, she does not have enough room to keep them all. So this one came to me and I got it blooming again. It is back to crazy quilting. I have a few workshops coming up using this technique, so it makes sense to get back into the groove. This is the second block of 4 ( I hope!) using the horsey things I got from my mother and pieces of lace I received from my friend Janet in England. It is a lot of fun. In general it takes me longer to decide on what to use, that to actually do the sewing. Some days I have more ideas that others.
The harvest has stopped and we are waiting for some nice, sunny days. Once they arrive it is time to get the tubers and some bulbs out of the garden and store them for the winter.

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