Thursday, October 23, 2008

Corn harvest

Nothing news worthy has happened here on the farm. As the weather permitted the equipment got cleaned and put away. I managed to get most bulbs out of the garden and the plants put away in the shop. At times I have been doing that with the snow flying and that is not pleasant. We started yesterday with the corn harvest in a small field with no tile drainage. Once it gets wet in the fall it gets tricky to get the corn of a field like that. Today was test plot day. In the spring we get different varieties of seed from the different dealers. Some are old stand bys, some brand new and at times an experimental Once it is time for the harvest, we will ask for a weigh wagont to come. First things first. After catching up to the news it is time to get down to business. Each variety is checked for what is called standability ( how many stalks are standing and how many are broken) and how many plants there are in a certain area. Than it is back on the combine. Each row is combined and augered in the electronic wagon. The weight is recorderd and the corn is augered from there to our wagon. But that is not all. A sample is taken and the moisture content is determined. After the last corn variety has been tested, we receive a paper with all the information. Then, when the seed dealers come around for orders, Laurence can make informed decisions! I did get some machine quilting done and I hope to have it finished by next week Saturday I will be teaching "sashiko" in Brampton.
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