Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy time

The busy fall harvest has started. But the weather is beautiful and that is a great help. I have been very busy and that's why I skipped a week. First I was in Toronto for 3 days where I gave one trunk show and taught a two day workshop. I was worried about the drive into town, but in the end it was not bad. Barely home we took off for a few days to Ohio. There we met the tail end of the hurricane with very strong winds and no hydro. We did do some shopping and I managed to get fabric for a new MCC quilt idea. More about that later. At one of the Bed & Breakfasts, I saw this seed bag. The grandfather of the owner had started this company and when she found this bag, she had to have it. Wouldn't you know -- later, when we were later in an Antique Mall in Berlin, Laurence found the same bag, in very good condition! If you are looking for something special, send him to look for it. If at all possible, he will find it! On Tuesday we went to the big agricultural show near Columbus. By 3pm, we had seen it and decided to go home. A lot of people in the area were still without hydro. So just after midnight we were home in our own beds. The next day was guild meeting and I asked for a show of hands of people, who would be interested in starting another quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale. At the end of the 2 meetings, 60 had shown an interest, so it will be a go. When I was putting things in the car to go to Toronto, I dropped my camera in the garage. Not a good thing to do. It still works, kind of. These pictures are taken with my Nikon D40. Up to now I could not get them on blogger. Thanks to my brother I managed this time, but the screen looks different. I have no idea how it will look in the end. But at least I tried. This little fellow we found on the hood of the tractor yesterday. The first time I saw one. The second orchid wall-hanging with sashiko top is finished. This one has yellow ladyslippers with the roots showing. The roots are twisted overdyed silk ribbon. I did the sashiko first with Nr 5 overdyed pearl cotton (does not go very easy), before I put the frame in with the reverse applique. It has been very good weather. We tried the white beans, but they are not quite ready, so now we are harvesting the soybeans. Then right after the winter wheat has go in the ground. So it will be busy, busy, busy!

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