Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yellow Lady slipper

The last week I have been busy with another sample for a 2 day workshop. The center is a yellow lady slipper. I used about 7 green fabrics, mostly batiks. For the flowers I used 3 fabrics , a yellow fossil fern with orange spots, a multi colored brown/orange for the sepals and a multi colored piece for the center of the flowers. The roots are twisted 1/2 inch wide overdyed silk ribbon. This is all appliqued by hand. Surrounding the plant will be a row of sashiko. Usually I use a cream colored thread, but this time I use a number 5, overdyed perl cotton. This looks fine, but it is much harder to get through the fabric.
Posted by PicasaTomorrow I"m going to Toronto for a few days. I had it in my mind, that it was today, but it always is a good idea to phone and make sure. And I would have been one day too early! So instead of going to the city I went with hubby to the Outdoor Farm Show near Woodstock. Turned out to be a good day with good weather.
Tomorrow morning I will load the car and after lunch set out for the big city. I will give a trunkshow at the Pieceful Night Quilters Guild. Then I will give a 2 day workshop (Orchids) at the Cock-A- Doodle Quilt store.

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