Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to winter

Yesterday it was cool and rainy. Today we are back to winter with blowing snow and hard wind. School busses were cancelled and the list of cancelations on the radio are long. A perfect time to stay inside and work on a quilt. The center of the Mariner Compass has been completed. The worst part was the cutting to size of the blocks. I was very scared to cut wrong, so I measured at least 2 times, often more. But it all went together like a charm. The size is about 76 by 76 inches. I want a 10 inch border all around, but still have not been able to find the right fabric. I did find out, that it is an older fabric, what does not make it any easier. Below you can find the culprit. It is a neutral tone on tone.
If it cannot be found I either have to find something very similar, or go for something completely different. Any suggestions?

This has never happened to me before. Only once I had to ask for more fabric. That was for my first album quilt.In that case, one of the red fabrics ran into the white, even after been washed at least once.That time I was lucky and I received enough to finish the quilt. I did remove all the bad red pieces and bought another red, which did not bleed. But boy did I test that first!

A few weeks ago Jenny brought me a partly finished baby quilt. This was the first project of one of her friends. But the baby came early and soon after she went back to work, so Jenny took it home with her. She is planning to come next week-end to help me,but I decided put it together and today was machine quilting day. A small project is fun and it is almost ready for the binding.

Then it is back to the quilt for the MCC sale or in other words the "post card" quilt. The center is almost ready to be quilted and I'm looking at all the cards now. I received two more at the last guild meeting. Of the 83 cards, 55 came back, more then enough for the quilt I have in mind. More next week.

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