Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And life goes on

Thank you so much for all your kinds thoughts. It has been a few tough weeks and we will miss "Beppe" very much.
I never would have thought that so many of you would respond.
The reason I started this blog was my dislike of any kind of writing. That got worse after one of my quilts was disqualified from a show because of my artist's statement( that's another story). Melissa, who looks after my website encouraged me to give it a try and so I try to write something at least once a week.
Today I had planned on showing you my progress with the compass quilt, but an unexpected trip to the doctor with my mother-in-law changed all that.
Another hour and all the pieces will have been pieced and appliqued. Now the scary part.... the cutting to size. I cut one strip an inch too short already! So there has been progress, that is the good part. Now for the bad. Last week I went back to the store for more fabric for the border and it was all sold. So now I have to look around and if nothing can be found I will have to get creative. This should not have happened to somebody with my experience, but it did!!!!
It has been cold and blustery the last days and this time a picture of a winter scene. I started this small piece during a workshop with Rheta Budd. It was fun to do and did not take long
Yesterday it happend again. Another quilt magazine and more ideas. I love looking through these magazines with all those great ideas. Then I look at my work in progress and come back to reality. I seem to go for the big and slow projects that take months, or sometimes close to a year.
I wonder what it would be like to make one small piece a week.
Computer time has been at a premium these last few weeks. Two nieces have stayed with us since the beginning of the year. They will finish their school semester and then join their parents in Saskachewan. This has meant the clean-up of 2 rooms. As our kids moved out I moved in with my quilt "stuff". It all ended up in my sewing room again with as a result that I cannot find anything. By next week I can use the rooms again. I will have to sit down and make 2 piles of stuff, one to keep and one to go. It is amazing what you can accumulate over the years.


  1. Yes, I envy those who can make small quick projects and move on. I am with you laboring over long, slow projects every day.

  2. Oh, please tell us the "other story" about your quilt being disqualified because of your artist statement.