Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Changed my mind

Yesterday I went looking for the white fabric and I could find nothing even close.
Then a thought struck me, why does it have to be white?
I went back to the store where I got the other fabric and found a green that matched perfect.
When I tried a similar white piece it looked very traditional The green border will give it a more up to date look, at least I hope. I do have to put an extra 1/2 inch wide piece all around to set the sashing of. But I have enough fabric to do that.So I hope to put the border on later this week and start with the marking next week and then it is ready for the quilter.
This has been a week of finishing things. The orchid quilt has finally been marked. The rectangles will be done in sashiko, the rest will be regular quilting.
The same here. The part circles will be sashiko with of white thread, the rest regular quilting with a dark blue thread.
Another project has been a baby quilt. A friend of Jenny's started on her first quilt. The baby was born early and she went back to work soon after, so Jenny took it home and it ended up here. Whoever had helped her in the store, did not know much about quilting. A velour type of fabric for the back is slippery and hard to quilt.I bought flannel for the back and a small check to use for a border. It all came together and I even enjoyed the machine quilting. I think I'm ready for another Smile quilt. Our guild tries to have enough Smile quilts available at the local hospital to hand one out to each child, who has a serious illness and there is always a demand for more.
These quilts give me a possibility to try out some different machine quilting.
There are a few other small project to finish. But I just don't feel like starting on something big right now. Have no inspiration it seems.
Time to go for a walk. School busses were cancelled, because of a storm coming our way, but that has not materialized. Just a few snowflakes, that's all for now.

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