Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sewing machine troubles

I know,that I'm a day late, but yesterday was guild day and I had a list long enough to be gone for the whole day. And than there were some exta chores at home to take care of in the evening.
Last week would have been the week to get a lot of machine quilting done. But after only 5 minutes the machine stopped....dead in it's tracks. No matter, what it would not budge. That meant an extra trip into Waterloo.
Yesterday I was told, that it needed to be taken to the factory. All the gears had been stripped, something that the dealer had never seen. Since I have not had the machine long, he hoped that it would be a warranty job, so let's keep our fingers crossed.
I have another machine, but it does not have the same room to hold a quilt. Time to switch gears. One thing on my list was another crazy quilt block.
Last year I made the first block of my "horsey" quilt. I tried to use as many things as I could to remind me of our horses at home. My mother gave me the ribbons and I received pieces of old lace used with Frisian costumes. The finished block is below with my father on his horse in the forties.
Now we forward to the sixties and we see my youngest brother and me on our horses. At that time we did it very simple. There were no trailers, riding arena's or even lessons. We would tride after school on a small piece of land in front of the farm and we thought we had it made. And helmets yet.
The piece of fabric on the right is from my sister's Frisian costume. The piece at the top is from a collection of reprinted Dutch shintzes I bought last year from De Haan and Wagemakers from Amsterdam.
The weather has been great for snowmobiling. Today it was sunny, but cold, but it was just right for a walk with the dog.

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