Friday, July 06, 2007

Go West

This is the time of year, when it is quiet on our farm. Time to visit our son in Alberta. We found a beautifull country with the Alberta flower, the wild rose, blooming along the fence rows.

A lot of fields looked very wet and while we were there, thunder storms added more water to the saturated soil. That while at home it stayed dry.
We tried to go a different direction each day.So from a drive to the west to see the mountains it was to the museum in Wetaskiwin with all kinds of old cars ( here is the oldest numbered Chevrolet known to be in excistence) to planes to old tractors.
This was very much to Laurence's liking, but the next day I was in for a treat. We had tickets for the rodeo and chuck wagon races in Ponoka.
Lots of horses and lots of fun. This is a lot different than the English style riding I grew up with.
The next day it was to the south to visit the Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. It was packed, but the dinasaurs are so big that even with that many people there we could see most of the exhibits.

And each evening we would be greeted by little Abner, one of the friendliest puppies I know.
Now it is back to work. From a very wet part of the country we came home to a very dry farm. The once promising looking crops are starting to look stressed. We do hope for some rain soon.
And yes, quilting was not totally forgotten . I managed to visit 3 quilt stores while away and came home with some nice pieces of fabric. But no time for applique right now. It is strawberry time, so this morning I bought my yearly supply to make jam. Whatever is left will go in the freezer.

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  1. Oh, Abner sure is a little cutie. we sure all need a real good rain. Anyone know a good raindance.