Thursday, July 12, 2007

Garden improvements

Jeanette and Tony decided a few months ago, that the yard at the back of their house could stand some improvements. One would be to put big rough cut blocks along the outside, fill the space with soil and plant a variety of plants, shrubs and small trees.
Since they live in the Niagara region it was easy for them to go to a local quary and select the limestone blocks. On Tuesday over 13 tonnes were delivered and dumped on the front yard.
Since this is not a one man's job, Laurence was asked to come for the day and run the' rented' Bobcat. I had to come along for the extra jobs, that might pop up and do the driving
Since the way in and out of the yard was 48 inches wide and the Bobcat over 42, it was tough to get the , somethimes,even wider blocks in place.
For a while there was extra help.
But it all worked out and by 6 in the afternoon most of the blocks were in place. The left overs were piled neatly along the front to be used in the future.
Now it is up to the younger generation to do the rest of the work.
After a 15 hour day we were home again.
And we were told ,that in 3 weeks the favor will be returned. I have this bare spot, that needs plants and we need to do a lot of mulching.
Today it is back to normal. I hope to finish some of the orchids I'm appliqueing.

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