Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to work

A few months ago I had started this landscape of my home farm in Holland. Once I got to the roof I had no idea how to continue, so I put it away. This week it was time to give it another try and up to now everything has worked. To get the idea of the clay roof tiles I sewed with the machine narrow rows of blanket stitch. The piece I used was small, but by cutting very carefull I can get all the pieces out. The next step will be the rest of the barn. Around the farm there will be a lot of trees. The foreground will be grass with a small ditch at the front. And I will have to do a lot of embroidery in the windows and doors to make it come more to life.

I finished the second orchid on my other quilt. The result looks o.k., but I think that to applique 6 more orchids around the center will be too busy. Maybe 2 more in the top corners would do it.
Now I have to start looking for orchids, where the flowers hang down in sprays. Smaller flowers might look better. It is a quiet time around here. Laurence is getting the combine ready and by next week we might be able to do a field of wheat.
We did get the rain, mixed with hail. We were lucky to miss the baseball size stones that fell one concession over. There was a lot of damage with windows breaking and dints in cars.
But things are looking green again and I have to get ready to mow the grass.

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