Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This week I was able to work some more on the farm. It is all done by hand, so it is slow going. The applique is done and now I will have to start the embroidery. It is hard to do it from only one picture and my memory. This farm was build on clay and over the years the front part sank down in the clay. This type of farm is called the "body,neck and head" farm In the late 50s, early 60s the neck and head were torn down and a new house was build in the same place. I have lots of pictures of this house, but not of the old. Growing up we did not have a camera, so there are not many pictures. And since I was quite young when this all happened, I really have a tough time remembering. But I do know, that my 90 year old mother in Friesland will keep an eye on me and correct me if necessary. She recently moved to a nursing home and found out that there are volunteers available, who can help her get on the Internet.

We had some more rain in the last week. Enough to be unable to combine the wheat. It does not stop the apples on our harvest apple tree from ripening. The big tree stands between the house and barn and is loaded with apples. I do not like to eat them. For me they are not sweet enough , but they make excellent apple sause, so that will be one off my jobs this week.
We will need only a small part of the apples, so a call will go out to the neighbours. It is" Come and pick your own"

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  1. Hallo Renske,

    Wat leuk dar ik een Nederlandse quilster tegen kom die in Canada woont.Ik ga je site verder bekijken

    Sonnja uit Zuidholland