Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We have had a few great days with warm weather.Now that the snow is gone I can see the lawn again and it will need a good raking as soon as it dries of some. After a long winter I want to get out there and work, but I tend to forget ,that we will get some frosty days yet. But I did pot up my begonias and some calla's. Yesterday I found the first crocusses and had to take this picture.
Yesterday morning my husband came in the house with the news, that he had seen a group of swans at the back of one of our farms.For my birthday he gave me a new camera ( the old digital one was not good enough to take pictures for quilt show entrees) and this was the time to try it out, even if I do not have a zoom lens.

I quickly put on my rubber boots and off it was . We had to walk from the front of the farm, since it is still very wet. And as usual, I'm about 20 feet in front, trotting through the mud.
He was smarter and walked on the other side of the trees along the lane. I had not figured on the swans seeing me, but it happened and off they went. But I did get his picture. Last night I heard, that the swans had moved over one concession, but when I checked it out this morning, they were gone, most likely on their way north.
Next time I better be in less of a rush and think before I head out.
On the quilt front it is more of the same. I'm still working on my small hexagons with sashiko. And besides that I have to get ready for workshops.
I have updated my itinerary and you can find it on the right side of this blog.

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