Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yesterday I went to Kitchener and delivered the postcards to the MCC office (see last weeks blog) My goal has been reached. I wanted around 80 and with the cards directly delivered to the office I have even more. Now the travel will start, first to the head office in Akron and than all over the world. It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the first one to come back and how many will find their way back to Kitchener.Last week I finally managed to finish my (12 inch)crazy quilt block.It took way longer than I expected. I had started out with this big idea of a quilt with 12 blocks. Soon it came down to 6 and later I thought that 4 with a border would just look right. For the time being it will be just this one.It is fun to do , but since it seems to be hard on my shoulders and back I will tackle some other projects first. All the "stuff" has been put away.Yesterday I stopped in at my favorite framer in St. Jacobs and he quickly made a mat for the block. This way I can see what it looks like at the right size
I also brought in the 8 inch block I had made for a workshop. I had put it in a shadowbox without a mat and he quickly put a double mat in. It makes it look much better.

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  1. Your CQ blocks and the postcards are wonderful. I am impressed with how many postcards you've made. Keep warm.