Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I still don't get it !

On Saturday I gave a talk at the fall meeting for the Mennonite Women of Ontario at First Mennonite in Kitchener. They had some very good frames for hanging my quilts up. This was the first time I have seen 4 of my appliqued quilts hanging beside each other. And guess what..... MY CAMERA WAS AT HOME, so no pictures.Today I send another small wallhanging to my mother in Holland. She has now one for each season. And after I had send it in the mail I realized that I had forgotten to take a picture. When will I learn, that my canera should always be handy.So today a "boring" picture of my latest project to finish. It is a large bedquilt that I pieced. The machine quilting has been done by Creative Sisters in Kitchener and now all that is left for me to do is the binding. I'm not used to such a large quilt, so it will take me a while. But I have the time. The weather is still not cooperating, but we are combining corn. There is lots of mud and the combine has been stuck once.Right now they are flying right along. This means, that I have to stick around in case something comes up, like moving wagons, giving rides to the next field or going for parts. And of course there has to be food at mealtimes either in the house or taken to the field. I hope by next week I can say, we are finished for another year, but I have my doubts. .

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