Wednesday, October 18, 2006


In 2 years Quilt Canada will be in New Foundland. Since I have never been that far east I would love to go. When I received a letter from the people on the workshop committee I got busy and made a list of my workshops. I only had one 2 day workshop, so I came up with another one.This quilt is about 25 by 27 inches and consist of hand applique and hand sashiko.I took a picture of one of my orchids and drew up a pattern. The pot is cut out of a piece of Japanese fabric I had. The twigs, leaves and flowers are hand appliqued. The "moss" is hand embroidered with the turkey stitch on an extra piece of fabic and sewn down later. The oval consists of 3 rounds of sashiko. The border was done last.The border pattern fits into a 3 inch square and I was very lucky that it all worked out in the end. I should know by now that it is much better to design a pattern before you start the work, than to do it as you go. I have run into these kinds of problems before, but have not learned my lesson yet. With all the other things going on, it took a while to finish it. If we could just get some nice weather now. After rain, sleet and snow we are in need of sunshine. There is still a lot of harvesting to do. It is of to my guild meeting now. I have an idea for another quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale and I have to find out if there is any enthousiasm for my idea.

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