Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Harvest time

What a beautiful week it has been. After a lot of rain we finally have been able to combine the soybeans and started to plant winter wheat. Not that I'm doing much of the field work, but I'm busy keeping things going at home and I have to be ready to help out where ever necessary.This all makes it hard to get any quilt related work done. I do teach some workshops and this picture was taken in Mount Forest, a very easy 20 minute drive from here.The lazy one with nothing to show is moi! I taught the "Small Landscape" workshop there a week and a half ago and had a great group. And I will be back again on the first of November with the same workshop for another group. Things should settle down soon. My mother-in-law moved last week to a retirement place in Listowel. Everybody pitched in with cleaning the house and getting ready for the auction yesterday. The weather was perfect ,so everything could be put outside on the lawn. When it started at 11 it seemd that there were lots of people willing to spend their money. This was very good for grandma, but I think it was hard on her to see so many menories go. I was fortunate to be able to buy all the things I had my eye on, though at times for considerable more then I had figured on. By 3.30 it was all over and by 6 everything was cleared out and we could lock the house up. Not the end of the day though. Since it was so nice, it was back to combining and emptying wagons, so the day was not over till after 10. Next week I should have my new workshop done. All it needs is some sashiko around the outside. And then it is time to start on the wall hanging of my home farm in Friesland. I have decided to do it all with hand applique, even if it will take me al very long time. In the end I will be happier.

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