Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We have had a beautiful week of warm weather.The lawn is raked and next the flowerbeds will need some attention. The first tulips are blooming and most of the daffodils are finished. Wit this weather I cannot sit inside, so no quilting pictures this week. That will have to wait till a rainy day. Earlier this afternoon I went for a walk to the "bush" at the back of the farm. I noticed that the trees are getting green and the winterwheat is getting taller. On most days our overly friendly dog, Riley, and I go for a walk. Riley is an eight year old mixed breed, who will greet everybody coming on the farm as if it was her long lost friend.She loves our walks and if I'm not out by 2 in the afternoon I will hear scratching at the back door. A few years ago I planted some violas and since that time we can find them all over in the flowerbeds in all kinds of pretty colors.Often they will be the first to bloom and some will last till late fall, somethimes we even will find a few straglers in the snow. Now it is back outside for more weeding.Maybe it might be time to start thinking about filling planters and boxes, though they will need to stay in the garage for a few weeks.

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  1. I love the little Johnny Jumpups (what we call these little violas) with their surprises blooming here and there. Ours always come back in the most unexpected places!