Friday, May 26, 2006

Quilt Festival

For the last week we have had visitors from out west. My mother-in-law will turn 85 later this year and this was the time it suited everybody to come home. It was a busy, but enjoyable time. It is from Hilda Mae that I learned about quilts and over the years she has been a big help.This is also the week of the Waterloo County Quilt Fest and I managed yesterday to see the shows at the RIM Park in Waterloo. This is the first year that most of the shows are under one roof and it will be interesting to see how it will work. One small exhibit was of some of the quilts that Bruce Menary from the Len's Mils Stores has bought over the years at the Mennonite Relief Sale. I organized 2 of the quilts. Both quilts were made by members of the Waterloo Couty Quilters Guild and the Listowel Mennonite Church. The "big" one was sold in 2000 (after getting and honorable mention in the group category in Houston) and brought up $16.000. This is the "little" sister and it was sold in 1999. It was also the top selling quilt and brought $7500. Both quilts have been exibited over the years and still look very good. One of the special exibits was a group of quilts from the province of Alberta. Each year a different province is highlighted. There were some beautiful quilts in the group. Another highlight was the exibit by a group of 10 male quilters. In total there were over 30 quilts. This picture shows the intrance to the group of quilts by Jim Willard. Tomorrow will be the 40th Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg. Between 250 and 300 quilt will be auctioned of, from small crib quilts to extra large bed quilts. The sale starts around 8 and the quilts are only part of the day. There will be a lot of good food and lots of other things to do. The feature quilt, A Bird's Eye View, will be auctioned at 12.30. Later more on this quilt.

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  1. Thank you thank you! I moved to Vermont from Waterloo almost 6 years ago, and every May I get weepy when I think of all the fun I'm missing. RIM Park wasn't even there when I left (the only thing being built up was the controversy. *grin*

    I surrely do miss Len's. And the Relief Sale. And the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival... and Tim Hortons. ;o)

    Thanks again for the little show. I've seen both of "your" Relief Sale quilts in person, and a photo could never do them justice.