Thursday, May 18, 2006


After a day of shopping and a guild meeting I did not have the energy last evening to update this. And besides the weather was beautiful ,so who wants to sit in the house. Today was a different story. Rain all day!. But this meant, that I could work on my applique.This picture shows what was left of my fabric after all 12 cranes were finished. These fabrics were used for the beaks,top of the heads and the legs.The grey was used for the pins in the tailfeathers. And this is the last and biggest crane, still in its working clothes. I will have to add embroidery to set the dark areas off against the dark background. Behind the bird I will applique green weeds, outlined with sashiko. In total I used only 5 different fabrics for all the cranes. This was the main fabric and as you can see I used almost 1 meter. It was the perfect fabric, white with mottled blue and brown areas. By selective cutting the parts I could get the desired effect. But I think 12 cranes will be enough. Time to make another landscape.

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  1. Hi Renske
    It is nice to find a blog by a Canadian art quilter. Your cranes look intriguing and I'm sure they will be beautiful.