Thursday, July 11, 2013


It feels like the tropics around here. We have had lots of warm weather with almost daily rain.
My flowers have never looked better, not so my planters. Too much rain and hard wind.

But there are still a few places for plants.
This week will be the end of the gardern center at the local Zehrs store and all the plants are discounted.
This morning I found a few more and each has found a place.

This had to happen ,while Laurence was at a meeting. After working in the flowerbeds I seem to complain about my sore back with as a result, that I'm not "allowed" to get more plants.
Anyway they are planted and he would not know, what to look for.

Last week we had Evelyn here for a night. She is walking now and she is a very busy girl. Crawling is still faster, but not for long.
This is the first time she wanted to sit on the rocking horse and it looks like we might have another generation of horse lover in the family.

I finished the second small quilt for the African quilt project.
Both are 20 by 16 inches with extra seam allowance. That will be cut back when the different parts will be sewn together.

Both are machine quilted. With this one I tried to give it the look of a landscape with trees and grasses.
I have lots of other ideas for this quilt, but they are written down. Once I have the workshops here there might be people, who need some help with ideas. If not I can still make more.
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