Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Horse power

 Last week we went for a few days to Ohio.
Laurence wanted to go to the Steam Threshers Show in Wauseon and I came along for the ride.
This time the attraction was not the tractors, although there were lots of them, but the 50 or so steam engines.And where there are steam engines, there is dust and smoke. The air was grey and there was lots of smoke. My eyes are still watery.
You would think, that to work with  these 100 year or somethimes older machines, you would find older men, but that was not always the case . Here are 3 teenagers driving a machine around and different ones were driven by women.
It was good to see the interest of younger people in these old engines.

And they came in different sizes. From huge monsters to smaller full scale ones.Then you had the 1/2 scale models , what you see here.
Then finally a 1/4 size model from Ontario.

On the Saturday there was a tug-of-war.
First up was a 1/2 scale steam engine. The kids in the junior grades were asked to come up and pull. When they could not budge the engine, older kids could come. As more kids were asked to come up, bigger machines were used.

Then finally everybody could come up and try to move this big machine.
This proved to be hard till the rope was full with pullers, motly big guys.
It was fun to watch and especially the kids loved it.

The weather had its moments. The 2 days we were there the mornings and afternoons were fine. Mostly sunny and warm. But later on in the afternoon the clouds would roll in and the rain would start.
This picture was taken during the parade and it was raining hard.
Not much happened after that.

For Laurence it was the tractors and engines. For me it were the horses and mules.
On Saturday morning teams of horses and mules were plowing , followed later by a team disking.
A team of 6 Belgians plowed with a 2 furrow plow.

Once part of the field had been plowed the disk came out with a team of 8 mules.
We do not see mules around here, so it was something new for me.
And we managed a visit to the Henyr Ford Museum. We had been there once before with the kids and this time it was just as interesting.
Now it is back to work. I hope to have some quiltery things to show by next time.
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