Monday, June 24, 2013

Wood blocks

Two weeks ago I spend 2 days in London with friends. The first one was to see the African quilts and visit the merchant's mall. And a very succesful day we had.
 Then the second day some of us were signed up for a workshop with Paula Benjaminson.
We would be printing with wood blocks made in Namibia.
At one point in Teacher's College I had made cut-outs in linoleum, but that was a very long time ago. This time the blocks were ready to go.
It was a lot of fun. We tried different techniques  with different paints.
 I think that most of us would have been interested in purchasing some blocks, but sadly enough the ones available had all been sold.
Now the next step. What to do with them.
Most of the prints are on my dyed fabric, the light colored one is on burlap, what will fray nicely.
Some of these might work for our African Quilt project.
I talked about the project again at our guild meeting last Wednesday and a lot of members took the information paper home.
 Later there came an e mail through the guild, that there was a multi cultural festival in Kitchener. I know of at least one member, who went and found some very different things.
It seems that one thing leads to another.
Somethimes I seem to forget, what I really have.
That's the reason I put everything related to this project on the table. There is a nice variety already, from vintage kuba cloth , ewe kenta cloth , wax prints to novelty prints.
I have some metal buttons, but have to get more beads, buttons etc.
But even that seems to have been taken care of. I know that Magie at the African Fabric Shop in England has lots for sale. Would't you know, that one of our guild members will visit a quilt show in England, where they will be vendors?
 Dorothy told me, she will leave with one half full suitcase and is willing to pick up whatever I want/need. It this fun or what!!!!
 We finally finished planting, the latest ever. But the weather has been very warm. So with enough moisture things pop out of the ground in no time.
The flower beds have been beautiful.
This is a picture of blooming hens and chicken with a visiting bee.
The roses are just now starting.
And the lawn just keeps on growing!
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