Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Which project?

Last week I mentiond, that I had 3 projects I could work on and I would have to choose one of them.I get the most done if I work on one project at a time.The first one here is in the mother's flower garden pattern. Each summer I have one day, where I decide to dye some fabric. By the end of the day all the colors look so great, that I find it a shame to use them and I put it all away in a drawer. When I needed some handy work for on my long trip to Japan, I finally decided, that the day had come to cut into some these fabrics. I had no idea that there were so many. I cut and basted and took the little baggies on my trip, but I never even looked at them. Once home again I appliqued them together in the evenings, while watching t.v. And this will be the grand total for a while. This is not my chosen project. I have collected Japanese fabrics for a while. Here also I would look at them and in the drawer they would go again. At the Tokyo quilt show I bought a book byKuroha Shizuko. In this book I found a pattern shape that looks like a cut -of triangle. While in Japan I bought some more vintage fabrics and now it was time to use some of them. The idea I have right now is a "strippy" quilt with 5 vertical stripes, 2 with these shapes and 3 with a simple pieced patterns, all in very dark blues. Over those strips I will do applique, maybe some flower arrangements. But this one also, is not the chosen one. Next up will be the third crazy block of my horsey quilt. During the last 2 winters I have made a block and I really should make another one. As soon as everything has been put in their place I will get all my "stuff" out and get going.
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  1. How will you sew those cut-off triangles together?