Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still winter

Outside it is cold, white and windy. Winter is far from over and we have not had the amount of snow we get most years. Saturday afternoon Anja, a neighbour, who took last fall a photography course with me, phoned. It was a beautiful , cold, but sunny day, just right for taking pictures she thought. We ended up going to the Elora Gorge. We took a path along the river and were able to take some nice pictures. By the time we were back at the car, we were chilled to our bones,but some hot chocolate at the local Tim Hortons warmed us right up. We will do this again. Going with somebody else is way more fun, that going out by yourself. Outside it is cold, but inside it is nice and warm. Some of my orchids are in bloom and it makes the room look all spring like. Laurence claims, that this is all due to his"mis" management while I was in Japan. I don't really care, the main thing is that they are blooming. All these orchids are blooming for the second or third time. There are 6 more with buds and they should be in bloom in the coming weeks. The cattleya gives of a very nice fragrance to me or "that smell" to Laurence. The amarillis I bought last fall. I usually put the finished bulbs in the garden over summer and pot them up in the fall again. But last year I did not have much success, so I had to buy a new one. On the quilt front. I'm still machine quilting and it still is tough to do. I have made progress and hope to finish this step by the end of the week. I have some new projects lined up, using some of my Japanese fabric. Now I have to consider how much time I want to spend on a new project. What I have in mind, might take a year or more. I just don't know if I'm that dedicated right now. Maybe just go for some smaller projects. When I looked for an older quilt I found this one. I must have made it around 1995 or 1996. It does not have a label. I never label my quilts, except if they go to a show. I always thought I could easily remember, when I made then. Well it just is not that easy and I will have to change my ways. This quilt was made for my father. I asked my mother to get me some neckties from family and friends in Holland. I did the same in Ontario and this quilt was the result. My parents had this quilt hanging in their bedroom and after my mother passed away I took it home with me Now the good part. When I picked up the quilt I noticed a piece of paper pinned to the back. And here was a list of all the necktie owners. Sadly most of them are not with us anymore. That made me think, that I should smarten up and start labeling my quilts., even a piece of paper would do is better than nothing!
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