Thursday, February 18, 2010

One job done!

This morning I sewed the sleeve on this quilt, while Laurence cut a dowel to the right size. Yesterday I had bought some 20 lb weight fishing line, so we were all ready to go and hang the quilt in it's designated spot. The hardest part was to get it straight. Fishing line is very slippery ! But we managed and it looks good. When I lived in Holland I never knew that there was something called a quilt.Then a few years ago there was a big quilt show at the Friesian Museum in Leeuwarden. I bought the catalogue and in it I found this Friesian quilt, dated from 1775 to 1800. Most of the fabrics used were the chintzes, or glazed cottons. These were and are still used in the different costumes of the time. I had a collection of reproduction fabrics from De Haan and Wagemakers in Amsterdam and now I had found the project to use them in. Included also is the fabric my mother bought for a Hindeloper costume. When she realized she would not get it done, I received the fabric. And there is a small piece of her Friesian costume. I have been complaining about the machine quilting and I'm very glad it is over. Hanging on the wall it does not look bad. ( at least from afar) I still have some fabric left and it will be used for my next crazy patch. To get limbered up I also quilted 2 smaller pieces. They were appliqued a few years ago and I never got around to the quilting. The fabric in the center came with the animals and flowers on it. This made it very easy to do the rest. All it took was about 8 small pieces and I had a landscape. Now it is on to the next project. I have 3 in the planning stages, one hand piecing, one machine piecing with Japanese fabric and a crazy patch.Next week I will show you the winner. In a little over a week I will be going to the Norfolk County Quilters Guild. On March 1st I will be teaching the "Sunflower" workshop. On March 2nd I will teach beginning sashiko in the morning and give a trunkshow in the afternoon. Got to go! I cannot miss the ladies speed skating at the Olympics
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