Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The year of the gladioli

The last few years I have noticed more farmers trying to sell , mostly flowers, at the end of the farm lane. Last week I counted and in the 16km stretch I drive on the 86 to get to Wallenstein I could buy flowers at 18 places. The biggest is almost a farmer's market, where you can buy flowers, vegetables, bedding plants , eggs and summer sausage. This cart has an over abundance of glads and for 3 for a dollar you can't go wrong. It is not often, that I do not stop for a few.
The busiest corner is just before you reach Wallenstein. At that intersection there are pails in 3 corners with flowers, each with their own margerine container to put your money in. Now to the quilts. I found the pattern of this small wallhanging in the January edition of the AQS magazine. It talked about raw edge applique, something I have not done often. I had just the right piece for the mountains, so I gave it a try. I have to say, that raw edge applique does not turn my crank. I prefer to work by hand, although this is much faster.
I did quilt this on the machine. As you can see I still have not figured out how to crop the pictures with the new computer. There are a few other things that I will have to learn, but mostly everything seems to work.
We are still in the harvest. And we still get lots of rain. We are finished with the winter wheat here at home, but now Laurence is combining spring wheat, barley and mixed grain for the neighbours. But we hope to be done by the end of the week.

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  1. Hi Renske,
    Your appliques are beautiful. A Japanese design? And those red leaves must be Japanese maple? You have done such a fine job.
    There are alot of gladiolas along that highway and I stop too at that stand and at a few pails to get some for my mother or for myself.
    As you see I am still learning about how to use the computer. I have just recently figured out how to comment on a blog.