Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where is summer?

At times is looks like we are in the tropics. Not temperature wise, but precipitation wise. We get up in the morning and soon after the sun will be shining. By the time the dew is burned of, the first clouds are rolling in. Then around noon or a little later the rain is coming down. Usually not much, but enough to prevent us from combining. So we still are not done. Last evening Laurence managed to do 2 hours worth after supper. Only one more hour......but it is raining again. Instead we put our farm sign back up. After 15 years it broke it's posts this spring during one of the storms. This time we thought we were smart and got pieces of iron to put in the ground. The posts would be bolted to these pieces Problem was, that when we put the posts in years ago, we put lots of stones around the posts to keep them straight. And those stones are still in the ground. What should have taken an hour took all morning, but we got done, right before the first rain! The orchid quilt is finished. I put the binding on, with a narrow green piping and the sleeve in the back has been sewn down. It was a lot of work, but I'm happy with the results.
And the canning has started. I used to do this way more when the kids were home and we had agricultural exchange students for the summer. At that time I used quart jars, but now I'm back to pints, or 500ml. We have our own harvest apple tree and even with a very poor crop, we still had enough to can and freeze. The rest are salad beans. Now some peaches and tomatoes yet. Nowhere near the few hundred jars of years past, but it will do.
Last week I could not get pictures to show up (new computer) but to my amazement I managed this time. My "tech support" is coming Saturday, so by next week everythings should be working just fine.
I have more projects to show and I'm working on another workshop. And guess is raining again!

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  1. Hi Renske, Your orchid quilt is very pretty and it does look like a lot of work with quite a few techniques.
    We are getting alot of rain and it is difficult to get the crops off. One year it was well on in Sept. until we got our grain off. I hope that won't be the case this year.
    Your beans and applesauce look delicious. I've down to smaller jars too and alot fewer of them.