Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to the postcards

As promised Laurence came home early Wednesday morning, but with a bad case of the flue. He has been sick for most of the week and is finally feeling a little better. For far so good.
It is back to the postcard quilt. Sometime it will get a more appropriate name, but for for now this will do. The rows of cards and the center piece are all sewn together. I did finally manage to do it by myself. It was silly to ask somebody to drive all the way to the farm to help me with a few seams. Was it The border strip is wider than it will be in the end. I made it this way, so that I will have some extra once I'm ready to put it together.
In the four corners will be mariner compasses. In the center of the border will be smaller compasses. Once I'm that far, I will know if I need to add more, say some silhouttes. The following are a few of the cards on the front.
This is a few of the back. Since I want it to be a two sided quilt, this side is just as important. The extra cards are just pinned down for the time being. The piece of fabric on the left shows the world map. It is 12 inches wide and I like to figure out how to use it and make it all fit together with the front.
This shows the back of a few of the cards.
I really want to try and finish it, so that the borders can be quilted before spring. And yes, yesterday we had another stormy day. Tonight I met 3 snowmobilers crossing the road and taking of with a lot of speed. I don't mind winter, but even I have had enough. Let spring come, the sooner the better.

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