Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A touch of spring

It has been a very quiet week here at Lauren Farms.
Early last Wednesday morning Laurence left with fellow enthousiasts to go to Moline, Illinois for the "gathering of the green" And no, this has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day.
This is a gathering of antique John Deere lovers. So that meant, that it was just me, the dog and the chickens at home. Now I do chores all the time, but it is different, when you are by yourself. As long as everything mechanical is working I'm fine, but if even one switch won't turn or one auger stops, I'm lost. It would only be till Sunday evening, but things changed. I ran into a few problems in the barn, which were fixable, but annoying and took a lot of time and than Laurence phoned. The truck had broken down, was in the garage, but parts would not be in till Monday so.... their return had been delayed. Can't say I was overly thrilled. Then yesterday I was told, that the wrong part had been ordered, so it would be another day. By that time I felt sorry for the guys, more than for me. We still managed here. But they are on their way and should be home in a few hours. But we did have a few sunny days and one of the visitors to the bird feeder was this nuthatch. They are very shy birds and don't stay at the suet ball long. I love watching them going down the tree.
Then yesterday I found a sure sign of string. Right there, in a sunny spot I found the first snowdrop. I have always loved these small flowers, even as a kid.
Needless to say, that not much got done on the postcard quilt. It is almost impossible to sew the narrow strip on by myself. When the quilt is nice and level I cannot get at the machine and when Im ready to sew, it is all bunched up. So I have asked a friend to help me next week. Tomorrow is guild meeting and 3 small quilts are ready to be taken in .
Right now it is raining and a lot of the snow is gone. I do hope for better weather for Easter.Laurence's wish is to be able to go for one last snow mobile ride at Easter time. I doubt he will get his wish or it has to be a very slushy ride.

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