Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Crazy quilt blocks

We had a few wonderful days over the holidays with family and friends.It was busy with lots of talking and laughing. And ....of course eating. And we did have a green Christmas. We even saw a few stragly pansies sticking up in the garden. Now all is quiet again and it is time to go back to work. Joan, owner of Greenwood Quiltery, the quilt store in Guelph, asked me to teach a workshop in Crazy Quilt embroidery. So out came this small wallhanging I made a few years ago. The center is 12 inches and I used embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery,charms and beads. This was a bigger size than we wanted, so right now I'm working on a smaller, 81/2 inch block I hope to have ready in a few days. I realized that over the last few years I had gathered a good collection of ribbons, beads, charms and laces. This came in very handy.
My goal is to make a horse themed crazy quilt. Last fall I received from my mother all the old ribbons our family won with our Frisian horses.
And I feel like I finally can manage to put some old pictures on fabric, using our printer. The only thing I would like are a few sigarette silks with horses( preferable black) If anybody would know, where there are some available, please let me know.
I figure on making 12 12inch blocks with a border. This would be a long time project with a block at a time approach. I'm sure other things will crop up from time to time.


  1. Totally Beatiful work!

    I have some copyright free CDs that might have some cigar labels on them but don't think they have any cigarette ribbons.

    Maybe Dover publications would have something?

  2. This work is simply amazing. I enlarged your photo to take a good look, what a visual treat. Jen

  3. Your silk ribbon work is simply beautiful. I love everything you've done on here, lucky ladies who are having a class with you!

    The horse ribbons sound like they will work into a wonderful piece! I look forward to seeing what you do.

  4. Beautiful work. I would love to take your class! I have a quilt top that I am thinking of doing some silk ribbon work on.