Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's starting to look like Christmas

Not outside!!! It looks like we might have a green Christmas for the first time in over 20 years. The weather is great, cool and sunny, but it is just not what we are used to here in the snowbelt area of Ontario, Canada. But we have a few days yet, still time to change.
So we have to get that Christmas feeling inside. I like to get a real tree and this year it ended up being taller than I expected, only 3 inches from the ceiling. Another tradition I have is making arrangements. I go around our farms and cut cedar, pine, boxwood, redwood, and some other scrubs.I did buy a few things like eucalyptus This year I cut less of everything and made 8 arrangements in different sizes in the kitchen. Other years a friend will come over and we have to take over the (heated ) workshop.
Some of these arrangements are meant for the neighbours.
They know that if the container is returned during the year, it will be filled up for the next year.
Tonight I have to get groceries and I will buy some carnations to stick here and there.
About 10 days ago I send 10 fabric postcards, the ones with the snowmen, to Holland, England, California and locally. I had them hand-cancelled at the local postoffice and I have heard from most recipients.And .....all came over in good shape.
The coming days will be busy with getting ready for family to come home.
I do find that with only the two of us at home, that I can get away with less baking. But then this week-end we will have family and friends over for dinner for three days in a row, different ones every day,so a trip to town is necessary. Maybe more then one trip.
Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas.


  1. Those quilts are beautiful! I like the colors you chose.

  2. Rats, that went in the wrong blog! Here's the one that was for you. =) I think your arrangements are beautiful. It is so nice to see someone who still knows how to do this kind of thing. My mother always did it, too. How great that you get almost all the supplies right from your land!

  3. I love flower arranging too & would be in hogheaven to have the supplies in my backyard! Very handsome arrangements!

  4. my Oma always made all the advent and Christmas decorations from our many evergreens in the yard. They were so beautiful and made the house smell so good. Thanks for the lovely memories. I have admired you talent for some time. It's wonderful to get a small glimpse into your life.