Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New project

This past week has not been very productive. By the time Wednesday was over I was sick with laryngitis (oh, was the house ever quiet). That was followed by a dry, hacking cough and later my eyes were infected. So for the first time I had to cancel a trunkshow and a workshop because of illness. I hope that will not happen too often. About 2 weeks ago I was asked to come up with a small project for teaching at a local store. The owner really liked my "Springtime in Ontario" quilt, so I took a look at the Jack-in-the-pulpit block and came up with this design. It should fit, because the workshop is not till next the spring. Still have one workshop to do on Saturday. My voice is not in good shape yet, but we have a few more days.


  1. Welcome to the Quilt Studio webring. Your site is great - love your pictures! Hope you're feeling better...

  2. Welcome to the webring, your blog is terrific...and I really love that Jack-in-the-Pulpit piece.