Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not crazy anymore

 I have been working on this block for a long time. I get all enthusiastic about a new block and then  there comes a point, where I'm out of ideas and I have to put it away. That's what happened here. Since this is the month to get things finished I picked it up again and continued the embroidery. The border will be a dark brown velvet, what I managed to find at a Fabricland. I also like to put a few more lace pieces on the border and maybe do some more bead work. But for now it will hang on my design wall. I like to have a good look and see if I can improve on it.
 By now I have used almost all of the lace corner pieces and cigarette silks I received from my English friend Janet. They added a lot to this block and the one on the Memories quilt.
The baby quilt for Jeanette and Tony has been bound and as of Sunday delivered. And it is nicely in time. The baby is due to arrive in the next few weeks. When I went to Greenwood Quiltery to look for a fabric to go with the blues I had a tough time. This lime green was one of the choices, but not my first choice. The more I looked at the combination though the better I liked it. And I'm glad I choose this piece. It makes for a bright combination . And it has Jeanette's stamp of approval.Our tastes are often not the same, but this one scored a home run.
The nice weather seems to be over for now. Today we had rain,even some hail. This is what it looked like outside the kitchen window at 6 o'clock tonight. I love the sun shining over the corn. I though we would be finished with the harvest for a few days, but at supper time it was announced, that the corn harvest will start tomorrow, weather permitting, so it will be back to cooking and baking!

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