Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Finally, I seem to have figured it out, maybe!

 When I went to Blogger last week, I noticed that everything had been changed again. I was told, that it was for my best interest and that it all would be much easier. Well, not for me. Whatever I tried, I could not get the pictures uploaded. Tonight  I gave it one more try and up to now it worked. Don't ask me what I did. I might not be able to do it again, but for now here I am.
I have decided , that October will be a month to finish some projects and to start a new pattern for my landscape workshop. First one up was to change the binding on this crazy quilt.
 I would like to enter it in a show, but the size was not right.All it needed was a little extra on 2 sides. I took the binding of and replaced it with a split binding with ruffled lace in between. I also rounded the corners. The binding was hard to sew on. With the lace and the 4 layers of the quilt it got to be very thick. But I did manage. The sleeve has also been replaced. I have to say, it looks better. and I'm glad I put the extra effort into it.
 It has been 2 weeks since I went up to teach in Buckhorn and Brighton. I had a very good time and I think that the workshops went well. I find ,that quite often, quilters are also gardeners. I know, we just planted an oak tree, but I always wanted to start my own tree. At my first stop I collected some acorns and after I came home ,planted them  and then covered them with chicken wire, just so the squirrels  cannot get at them. Bogey also gave me 3 small chestnut trees. One had been planted , one will stay in the pot and one I gave away. And the last evening at Carol I could dig up some Russian Sage, also planted and looking good.
 Sunday I finally made it to the orchid show in Cambridge. It was a wonderful show was an unbelievable display of flowering orchids. My questions were answered by some very friendly members of the society. I behaved well and came home with only 2 new plants , some pots and soil. Finally I was told, how to prevent creepy crawlies to come in with the orchids. Monday morning I lined all 25 up , gave them a bath in a soap solution , sprayed them  and once dry, took them inside. And yes, I have just enough room to put them all in front of a window. The first ones have new flower shoots coming up already, but it will be at least a few months before anything will be in bloom.
Outside it looks like fall and most of my plants do not look very good. But the roses are still hanging in there. I love the combination of yellow and pink. They brighten up a whole room.

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