Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Not quite 13 years ago we were without a dog. We had lost our dog due to old age.Our neighbours knew that and phoned one day to let us know, that they had just the right puppy for us. I was a little hesitant, but once we had seen the pup it was love at first sight. She was a mixed breed, part golden retriever, part Australian cattle dog.We took her home with us and it has been a faithfull dog on the farm ever since. Right from day one I would take her with me for a walk. First on the sideroad with no traffic so she could run as much as she wanted. She was never much of an inside dog, maybe on the coldest day of the year, but then only for halve an hour or so.She loved to get wet and dirty. Once we moved closer to a very busy road, she had to walk on a leash, but no problem. She never left the property unless I had the leash in my hand. I figured we walked 3km x 5 days x50 weeks is 750 km per year. Do that for at least 12 year and the total is about 9000 km. That's a lot of steps in all kinds of weather. The one thing she was scared of was thunder and lightning. She would try to get as close to the door to the house as possible. On Friday there was a heavy thunderstorm with a lot of rain. When Laurence came home from doing the chores she was in the garage. We usually leave the garage door partially open, so she can come and go as she likes. When I checked on her at bedtime....there was no dog. I called and walked around the house in the rain, but she was nowhere to be found. The next morning we went to the neighbours, but no sign of her.And she has not returned. We have not given up hope completely, but it does not look good. And going for a walk just is not the same by yourself. While working in the back flowerbed I noticed a very upset killdeer. Both mom and pop tried the wounded wing thing and then I saw it. Right on the path, in a little dip were 4 eggs. Since then I have kept an eye out and they are still there. Now that we know the eggs are there, we try to stay away as much as possible. Next week some quiltery things again. The weather has been cold and wet. From a very early year it has turned into a not so early year with no soybeans in the grounds yet.
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  1. So much beautiful Puppy
    really it has the charm to attract any one on the first sight......