Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Usually I'm giving a workshop, but last Saturday I was able to take a workshop from Elaine Quehl from Ottawa. On Wednesday we had seen her trunk show at the guild and I was looking forward to her workshop.I have made a few wallhanging with fused fabrics, but I wanted to lean more. It was a full house with 20 students The Community Center in Mannheim is bright and airy, just what you need for workshops. I had made up a design before( jack-in-the-pulpits), but once I saw samples and got some more ideas I changed my mind. I wanted something, that would not take too long. Here you see my attempt at making poppies.Elaine is on the right. The top was not quite finished, but as of this morning it has all been fused and now I will have to find the time to quilt it. All in all, a great workshop! I'm trying out some new thread for some of my sashiko workshops. I received 3 different thicknesses of pearl cotton in different colors. I like to make use of my time, so decided to try them out making cards. All 3 have the same cherry blossom pattern. The top one is a #5 pearl cotton and it proved to be too thick. The middle one is a #8 and was just right. The outside is a single strand, the inside a double strand. Both work well. The bottom one is a #12 pearl cotton. To my surprise it worked very well with a double thread. The compay, Valdani Threads, is sending me now a few different colors to try out. They should be here by the beginning of next week. I will keep you updated. There will be some more postcards in the making. For the top 2 cards I used Japanese Doby cloth, for the bottom a piece of silk from a vintage kimono. I'm still working on the crazy patch block, but I realize, that I like to do that in smaller doses. I seem to run out of ideas, but I will persevere.My aim is to have the 4 blocks and a border finished by this time next year.And there is no room to make anything else. All my "stuff" is out and covers the whole table. It also does not help ,that we have had sunny weather. The squirel seems to have caused enough trouble and we have not seen him/her for a while. There are even a few crocusses, that have survived. I planted my begonia's and today the caladium bulbs I bought at Canada Blooms. Both are in pots in front of a sunny window.
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