Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sure sign of spring

This week I have been working on some of the embellishings. I find it the easiest to start in the center. The blocks are smaller( and won't take as much time) As I work out, I do not have to hold as much of the finished blocks in my hand and they don't get as crumpled. As with the other blocks I did not find the first ones that hard. Lots of ideas, but slowly the ideas will be used up and then it gets harder to come up with new stitches and "stuff" In the meantime I cannot do anything else, since the table is covered completely. Now there will be a break for a few days. Tomorrow there is our guild meeting and then the next day bright and early I will be leaving for Canada Blooms in Toronto. I'm planning on taking my camera along and I hope to find inspiration looking at all the floral arrangments.Then on Saturday I will be taking a workshop with Elaine Quehl. I'm looking forward to it. Remember last week, that picture of the innocent squirel? I did move the bird feeder and did not see the squirel on the deck again. Now, today I found out the reason why. Last fall I planted lots of daffodils and crocusses. When I had a look around this morning I found lots of daffodils sticking up. But in front of the bed I saw a few bulbs and a few green sprigs. Looking closer I saw neat little mounds of bulbs, all with the leaves eaten up. Now I have been gardening for a long time. I have had groundhogs eaten my peas, herds of cows running through my corn or eating my flowers, dogs digging up bulbs,but I never have had problems with a squirel......until now. And all of a sudden she/he/it does't look as cute anymore. I have not decided what the next step will be. I wonder if I stick the bulbs back in the ground, if they would survive till next year. I planted around 10 bulbs together and would't you know, that's how many I find in a heap. Grrrrrrr!
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