Saturday, October 17, 2009

Woodstock fleece festival

This is later than normal, but nothing happened on the quilt front. The design wall is empty. Not that nothing is getting done. The weather is much better and Laurence has been busy combining the white beans(of pork and bean fame) and soybeans. And as often happens, once the weather clears there are about a dozen jobs that have to be done at the same time. We are lucky , that we share our field work with our neighbour Herb. Today he has taken over the combining, while Laurence is planting winter wheat. It looks like we will get a few more sunny days and we need them. Jeanette came over last night and this morning we went to the first Woodstock Fleece Festival. Last year she went to the Wool Festival in Rheinbeck, New York, but with all the work going on at home, it was just too far to go. And we had a great time.This was much smaller, but there was lots to see and buy. The first picture shows a fellow quilter from the Oakville Guild,Marnie Parkin, who also makes socks on a 1925 sock machine. They are the neatest thing to see in operation. And despite the age this machine still works perfect. And then there was another quilter, Rita Budd. I have admired her landscapes for a long time. I even took a 2 day workshop in her barn a few years ago. A perfect place to have workshops. Outside there were a few sheep and 2 alpaca's. This one seemed quite content, but the other fellow did not like it one bit. There was lots of beautiful yarn for sale. When I used to knit sweaters for the kids, a long time ago, you could choose between wool or acrylic. Now the choices are endless, from bamboo to soybean, to camel,to cotton. to wool. And the colors!!!!! I did come home with enough yarn to knit a pair of socks and a scarf. Now to find the time!
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  1. I am Rick Anderson, of Gold Star Alpacas, and I would like to publicly acknowledge Linda C. and her Team that coordinated the 2009 Woodstock Fleece Show last Saturday. The attendance and interest of it's visitors were testament to both the excellent promotion ans well as the public-hunger for "all-things-natural". The fact that this year (2009)is International Year of the Natural Fibre is a fitting 'launch pad' for Woodstock to have hosted the First Annual presentation. I am sure it will be requested as a repeat event. Our booth sales exceeded our expectation and we will be glad to attend next year's show. The 2 (alpaca) 'boys' were a hit with the attendees, but were glad to be back in their pastures in Tillsonburg that night.