Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things don't always go the way you think they should!

I have been taking a photography class at night school for the last few weeks. I’m used to taking my pictures on the automatic setting of my Nikon D40 and the first thing we had to do is change it to manual! That started all kinds of new things for me, from aperture to shutter speed. My home work was to take certain pictures on different settings. So Sunday afternoon saw me tramping through our bush.This tree was as colourful as I could find.This year the colors of the trees have not been great. 

I did find a few roses at the side of our house: they are not the prettiest, but they give some color. I'm not very good at this manual thing yet, but I did get a few things figured out.

Then on Tuesday I could not go to class, because of illness. Last week we started with the quilting -- there is a lot of it, but we’d made a good start, till Tuesday. In the middle of the night I woke up, all dizzy. I could not stand or even sit! A week before, I had been to the doctor with my ear infection, and he’d made an appointment with the specialist for me, that just happened to be on the Wednesday! Laurence managed to get me there. As it turned out, the dizziness had nothing to do with my ear infection, but something floating around in my inner ear. The specialist twisted my head a certain way and almost instantly the dizziness was gone. But not being able to eat or drink much for the previous 2 days had left me weak.

Needless to say, that there has not been any quilting done, but I hope to be back in business by the beginning of next week. Here is a picture of the Monday group, with Margot, Jeanette,Charlotte and Emily.

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