Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stuff.....and more stuff

We are still moving. I thought that moving all the toy tractors of Laurence's collection was a big job, but I was wrong. I never realized how much you can stuff into a quilt room. Last week we took a table over and after my workshop last Saturday in Newmarket I dropped the quilts of on my way home. That was the beginning. The problem (or maybe not) is the fact that we are moving to a bigger house with a bigger quilt room. The "big " move is over a week away, but I like to have all the smaller things there by then, so carload by carload we take it over. You might wonder why it is all stacked in the center of the rooms, but next week the walls will be painted a lighter color and this way we can get around. All Laurence keeps saying :Do you really need this????? Who knows, but I might in the future at some point. And we all know what will happen. Once a piece of fabric is gone, you will need it....guaranteed.
Now on to something else. When we were still milking cows, we used to have different agricultural students for the summer or at times longer. Most were from Holland, but one was from Finland and one from France. We had some great times with these young guys. Some we still have contact with. From one of them I received a package yesterday. A few months ago he had send me a card with information about an upcoming quilt show at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, close to where I grew up. He send me all the information he could this time. He did not pursue a career in agriculture, but works at the museum in security.
When I left Friesland in 1970 I had never heard of quilts. Things have changed. There are a lot of quilters, even my sister-in-law. After her trip here last summer she found a local group and has been working up a storm, Just today I got pictures of her first finished quilt and some gifts she had made for Sinterklaas. Back to the Quilt Show. It looks to be an amazing show with lots of antique samples. You know what? If I did not have to move I would consider going over.Posted by Picasa

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  1. Moving is always a hassel but love your new house. Beautiful!