Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Indian Summer

After our first snow last week, it is back to some beautiful sunny days. It's what we would call "Indian Summer." Usually we need those days to finish the harvest. As of yesterday, all our crops are harvested. A few more days at neighbours' and it is over for another year. Looking back, this has been a good year with decent crops. It is not as if all the field work is done, but if it has to be, that can wait till spring. On Saturday we had a craft/talent day at our church, to show some of the talents that members in our church have. It was fun and very informative. I had a collection of quilts at the end of the room. It is not often that I can see so many hanging. Mine were not the only quilts. My friend Karen is an excellent piecer, whose Dear Jane quilt you can see hanging in the back. Her daughter Kendra helped mother for the day. It is too bad, that I only seem to be able to upload 3 pictures with Picassa at a time. There were some excellent wood workers, a sandal maker and our minister, who makes beautiful Shaker boxes. I could not resists and bought a whole set of 6 made out of cherry wood. I just love them. I made this quilt top a while ago and had enough time this past week to do the machine quilting. It is a Smile Quilt and will be donated to the hospital in Kitchener. At the last count, our guild had donated over 880 quilts to be distributed to seriously sick children. I hope they will bring some sunshine to a sick and often scared child.

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