Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter breakfast

That is the name of this wall hanging. When I made this 2 years ago I had seen all the birds at our feeder, though not all at the same time. Then a few decided to take a break. But that was till a few days ago.
Mom and pop woodpecker and mom nad pop cardinal have returend. I only saw cardinals here once before and it seems that we are as far norht as they go. You never see both of them. They seem to take turns. So do the wood peckers.
It has been another stormy week. No church on Sunday. We stayed indoors, except to blow snow and do the chores.We had a quiet day.
The bottom picture I took through the window. I cannot get any closer, or all the birds fly away. The suet ball has a small stick through the top, what hangs on the hook. It looks terrible, but this feeder is in a very windy spot and this way the birds do not have to be scared to be blown awayThe Christmas cards have been send, the tree is up, most of the gifts have been wrapped and the cookies have been baked, so I feel that I can spend some more time on the Mariner Compass quilt.
By now I have to figure out what I will do for the sashing and that will have to depend on how much fabric is left over. Still have not learned to get enough fabric right from the start.
I hope that you all have a great and safe Christmas and that the new year presents you with lots of joy and happiness in your life.


  1. I think "Winter Breakfast" is lovely.

  2. I too think Winter Breakfast is lovely....and stunning, and amazing, and I love it! And the birds at your feeder...oh how I wish I could have a feeder again, but we are afraid of inviting the mice in with the seed.