Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas arrangements

It has been a quiet week here on the farm. Winter is still here, so most of our time is spend inside. But there was the job of cleaning the workshop.
We have a heated workshop on the farm. During the busy season equipment, that is in need of repairs, is driven in and repairs are done. What is not done, is the clean-up afterwards. So that was one of the jobs we tackled a few days ago. The floor was swept and things were put back in their right place. Then I decided that I might as well make my arrangements right there and use the picnic table. Usually I do that in the kitchen ,but there is always a big mess to lean up. This way all I have to do afterwards is get a broom, sweep the left overs in the tractor bucket and that's it.
On my visit to the One-of-a -kind show in Toronto last month I bought this small container, or really there are two, one inside the other. I love the shape and came up with this design, using my own yuca leaves, dogwood, corkscrew hazel, euyonymus and some cedar. The carnations I bought in town today.
Dogwood, corkscrew hazel, euyonymus and 2 ivies in a shallow bowl with water and cranberries.
I had so much fun ,that I had to make a third one, quite similar.
Here are the rest, still without the carnations. The start of most of these was a piece of wetted foam in a big mug .I will not keep most of these. Tomorrow I will put them in the car and deliver them to our neighbours. The deal is, that if they give me the container back, they will get a refill next year, at least if I'm still in the business of doing this.
Today I bought our (real) tree. It will have to wait till Saturday before I will put it up.
Still plodding along with the compasses. Will finish the piecing on number 7 tomorrow. Then I will put the machine away and instead work on finishing the blocks
And yes, there has to be some baking done yet too.

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  1. Your arrangements are all so lovely, fresh and natural.
    My friend and I are so disappointed we did not get into your Orchid and Sashiko class at Quilt Canada. Hopefully you will put on here in Ontario and we can sign up then. Deb