Monday, March 01, 2004

Workshop: Roses

Duration: 1 full day
Level: All levels
Project size: 21.5"x21.5" (9" circle )
Here's a beautiful project. All the romance of a full-blown rose is captured using dimensional wired ribbon appliqué.

I will teach you about the tools and tricks for needle-turn appliqué, as you create the stems and leaves for your rose.

Fabric selection is important if you want the variety of shading and colour that gives a realistic result. It is also possible -- though not necessary -- to fussy-cut leaves from a printed fabric, as I have done in the sample shown.

You will then learn to create the rose "petals" and rose bud. For this, the dimensional wired ribbon gives gorgeous depth, colour and sheen!

We will also discuss ideas and techniques for finishing your project. These roses make a wonderful gift for someone special -- if you can bear to give them away!