Monday, March 01, 2004

Workshop: Pot with Pansies

  • Duration: 1 full day
  • Level: All levels, but very suitable for beginners
  • Project size: 22"x20.5" (center 10"x9")
Capture the essence of spring with these lovely pansies in dimensional wired ribbon appliqué. And it's easier than you think!
pansies_detailThis is a hand appliqué project that confident beginners can readily take on. I will lead you through the basics of needle-turn appliqué techniques as you create the pot and leaves.
pansies_extraNext you'll learn to manipulate shaded ribbon into blooms that look almost like the real thing.
Finally, you'll embellish your bouquet with delicate lilies-of-the-valley, made with fabric blooms and embroidered stems.
I will present different options for framing the appliquéd pot of flowers, as well as finishing and quilting your block.