Saturday, October 26, 2013

Snow,snow go away

We have had our first snow of the year. A few days ago the first flakes, but today it has snowed all morning. Way too early for me. There is lots of work to be done in the garden yet. And  corn to combine!
But first our big news.We have a new grand daughter. She was born October 12th and weighed in at 7lbs and 8 oz. Both mother and daughter are doing well, although Lauren Anne still has her days and nights mixed up. We had Evelyn here for a few days and she kept us hopping.
Here her mother introduces Evelyn to her little sister with her aunt Jeanette holding the baby. Evelyn did not know, what to think of it all.

 Jeanette, Jonas and me at the most easterly point in Canada, Point Speare.
This was before Jonas got sick during our trip to New Foundland.
He turned 1 year old last week and we will be going for a visit tomorrow.
A few years ago I made a lot of cards and over the years they just sat in a box. Lately I have been using them. This card was suitable for this occasion.
The bear is fabric and the balloons are left over pieces of silk ribbon, fused to the card using Steam-a-seam.
The lines are drawn using a Micron pen.


A week ago was the start of my next project.
It will be a group quilt with an African Theme, to be sold at a future Mennonite Relief Quilt Sale in New Hamburg..
There are 3 workshops/open house planned. In total 30 ladies signed up.
EAch will be asked to make a small quilt. They can choose from 2 sizes, both vertical or horizontal. This quilt should be quilted, but not bound.
From all these small quilts we will make one big one.
Some came here with an idea but not enough fabrics, others came with supplies, but not an idea. So far over 20 ladies were here and all left with supplies and an idea, although at times not the same idea they came with.
And while sorting through the fabric I seem to have more now that when we started. Some of it I have never seen before.
Here some of the ladies are getting ready to work on their projects.

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