Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm back

Finally, I feel like I have something to show again. It has been a long road and a lot has happened. I noticed that Blogger has changed and I realized that I needed some help. So this will be an update without pictures. Once we've got this figured out, the pictures will follow. 

My shoulder is feeling much better thanks to a shot of cortisone and a lot of physiotherapy. I’m still not quite there, but I have been doing some appliqué again. I realize that I will have to take it easier than before.

But as I said, a lot has happened. The first few weeks of the year we were busy with looking after grandma’s things. Even in a small room in a retirement home, you can stash a lot!

At the end of January/beginning of February, we went on a learning tour to Kenya and Tanzania. We have been involved with the Canadian Food Grains Bank for quite a few years and when our feed mill and the local Mennonite Central Committee office organized this trip, I was ready to go. It took some work to get Laurence interested, but now he is the one who wants to go back. We saw a lot and experienced a lot. Anybody interested can find more about our trip at I even met some quilters in Nairobi -- more about that later.

And now to the next big event! Any day now we hope to have our first grandchild: we have been anxiously waiting for over a week now for a call from Shawn and Emily. Of course, with a baby comes a baby quilt! My friend Carol helped me accomplish that. Since Emily’s sister had a little girl 3 weeks ago, I’m making a baby quilt for her as well, as we speak. But at least now I’m able to do it all myself. 

The weather has been good. Most of the planting is done. The flower beds look great. I filled up the holes here and there with new plants and now I hope that it all will look as nice as I have envisioned.

This will be it. We better try and get Blogger sorted out before I do more.

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