Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We have had a tough beginning of 2012. On December 28th my mother-in-law passed away. The last few months had been very hard for her. There were the different falls and trips to the emergency room and beside that some other problems. But up till the last few weeks she could not do without her paper. She never had a t.v., but she loved to read her paper from front to back. Since Laurence is her only child living in Ontario, it was up to us to make the arrangements By New Years Eve everybody had arrived from out west. Visitation was on Sunday and the funeral was on a very cold, windy and stormy Monday. It was through grandma that I learned about quilts. The first time I visited her home, there was that large blanket in a frame. I was told, that is was a quilt and she explained, what all was involved.Later, when we had bought the farm and she lived beside us in the corner of the farm, she continued to help me. A few years after grandpa and grandma build their new house, they put on a sunroom. It was there, that grandma would do her quilting. Grandpa would sit beside her, reading the paper. This is my first appliqued quilt and it is one of the quilts grandma quilted for me., all by herself.And what a job she did! Another time I will get back to this quilt. Over the years we helped each other. She loved to quilt, but gladly let me do the piecing for her. After I became a member of our guild, I persuaded Hilda to come with me and for years she would not miss a meeting. It was just in the last few years, that it was getting too much for her. After grandpa passed away 17 years ago, she was all by herself in the house. I would visit daily, but it was the quilting that kept her busy. This summer all her children and most of her grandchildren were here for her 90th birthday. She had looked forward to that for a long time. And she was still very interested in what her grandchildren were up to. She even learned to use an Ipad ( I think thats what it is). Jenny and Tony had been to Scotland and she wanted to see their pictures. It will be different for me. No more trips to the farmhouse in the corner or to town to visit grandma. We will miss her. I have had recurring shoulder problems and I think it is time to give my shoulder a rest. So no more knitting and appliqueing. These mittens were finished last month and they might have something to do with the sore shoulders. Hope some rest will help.
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