Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year, new project

Here it is the new year. I made my oliebollen and as usual, there were way to many. I did it the easy way by buying a box with a mix in town. I did take some to the neighbours. You have to eat these oliebollen right away. The next day they are just not as good, even with maple syrup!. We started the year without snow, but that has changed. Yesterday we got a lot and today it is beautiful outside. Cold, but sunny. Laurence can hardly wait till the snowmobile trails will be ready. I have been working on my vase. The first picture shows the vase with only the basic applique. I did not have a Dutch fabric with a scene, so I used this oriental picture. The color was just right. The back ground is different. A few years ago a friend gave me a few old doilies she had bought at an auction. For this I used the large one. It is made out of natural colored linen. My plan is to put this doilie, after all the applique is finished, on a dark blue background. The second picture shows how far I got as of this morning. Some of the dark blue pieces are appliqued, but I did use embroidery. Some of the points are just too tiny. There is still a lot more to do. These vases were very elaborate and that's what made them stand out. After this is done I will have to think about the tulips, that will go in the vase. I think that they will be yellow or red. This is turning out o.k and up to now it has been fun. I will have to put it away for a few days. I'm also basting the crazy quilt and will have to start the quilting.There will only be a few lines, just to keep it all together. The rest will be tied. For that I have ordered small pearls for on the back. And now that I'm so busy with all this Delfts blue stuff, I really need to do some more research, so I have booked a flight to Holland for the end of next week. Laurence prefers to stay here. He is not into visiting museums and quilt stores first of all, and than to do this in the winter makes it worse. Now I hope, that he can get some snow mobiling in. That way we are both happy!
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